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Is that a mouse on your face? Or your face acting as a mouse? Both? FaceMouse

Today's project, the second with week from Tom, takes the facial detection feature of the Kinect and Kinect for Windows SDK and pushes it farther than I think I've seen before, turning your face and facial expressions into a mouse.

Use your face as mouse control with Kinect

Replace your mouse with your face. Control the cursor just by moving your head. Click by winking your eyes, scroll by raising and lowering your eyebrows. All of that is possible now with FaceMouse Kinect.

During the usage of our KinectMouse, we figured out that it is very exhausting for your arm, if you have to control the mouse cursor all the time with your hand. So we were looking for a more easier method to control the mouse cursor with Kinect. All you have to do is moving your head and using some facial expressions for certain mouse actions.


How does our application work?
Cursor Moving

It is really easy: Just move your head to control the cursor. Make sure that Kinect can see your face as well as your chest. Sometimes the inital recognition is better when you are waving. It is normal that Kinect needs a few seconds to identify your face correctly. In contrast to KinectMouse, FaceMouse Kinect is more precise when you are more close to the sensor (but not too close) as the sensor has a more detailed view on your face this way. One meter should be a sufficient distance.

Left Click

Just wink with your right eye about a second...

Right Click...
Double Click...

Raise your eyebrows for scrolling up and lower it for scrolling down

Drag & Drop

Open your mouth for starting drag & drop. Move your head to move the cursor and keep your mouth open. For dropping, just close your mouth

Find the correct settings for yourself

Every face is different. It could be that the preselected settings in FaceMouse Kinect are not optimal for you. Just play a bit with the thresholds until you are satisfied.

  • ClickDelay: .
  • Headrotation Smoothing Filter Values: ...
  • Percentage of horizontal edge Pixels: ....
  • Used frames for closed eye detection: ....
  • Eye closed filter threshold: ...
  • Double click second eye threshold: ....
  • Brow raiser start threshold:  ...
  • Brow lowerer start threshold: ....
  • Mouth open start threshold: ....
  • Mouth open confirmation: ...
  • Mouth open end threshold: ...
  • Scroll multiplier up: ...
  • Scroll multiplier down: ...
  • Head to Screen relation X ā€“ Width: ...
  • Head to Screen relation Y ā€“ Height: ...

Iā€™m always happy to get some feedback. So please comment and let me know, if you are satisfied with this app. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. [Please click through and comment on the original post]

Project Information URL: http://futuretechblog.com/?p=71

Project Download URL: Download FaceMouse Kinect


Contact Information:


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