Jellybeans are not just for breakfast anymore...

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Jellybean, the Kinect Drivable Lounge Chair

You saw it at Mix—in typical fashion, our mission was to build two Jellybean robots in three weeks for the Mix keynote; no pressure, right?—and now it's time to introduce Project Jellybean on Coding4Fun. So, here it is—the Kinect drivable lounge chair! The lounge chair has Omni-directional wheels, eight batteries, two motor controllers, and a frame made of extruded aluminum.

Jellybean exists as a proof-of-concept of what crazy things are possible when utilizing the Kinect for Windows SDK, and the project also leverages the Coding4Fun Kinect Toolkit in order to handle some of the more complex operations.

Before we get into the code, let me point out, THIS WILL WORK WITHOUT THE ROBOT. There is an application setting called IsMotorEnabled, and with this setting set to false, you can play with the user interface and see how we did all our Kinect-enabled goodness. Smile The screenshot at the bottom is of me testing this puppy at my desk without any of the motors or relays connected.

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The Discussion

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    Mr Crash

    Kinect Ad in disguise   Sad . Shady indeed.
    Not a very good ad/demo either. The control is iffy, sort of unstable, it looks like. Responsiveness is bad too, like the ms surface table demo: Press drag a window, lag, lag, lag.
    I wouldnt put one in my car, that's for sure.  Tongue Out
    Guy walks infront of the car, i do the stop sign, lag, lag, lag, car finally stops, the guy is road killed a few meter behind the car.

    No offense but kinect kind of looks like crappy hardware in the demo.

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