Keeping it simple with the Kinect Intelligent Security System


Why aren't computers smart enough to know when we're not sitting in front of them? To know the difference between us sitting in front of them watching a video and when we actually leave the computer?

Hey, couldn't the Kinect tell if there was someone in front of the computer or not?

I wish someone would write...

KISS : Use Kinect for Windows SDK to protect your privacy

I have the incredible chance to work with a very fun and motivating team. But one drawback of this situation is the risk to send unwanted emails when you forget to lock your computer when you go out.

And they can be really creative with this so French and sophisticated humor when they use your Outlook. So to protect myself I decided to write a small program using one of my favorite technology : Kinect for Windows SDK.

The main goal of KISS (which stands for Kinect Intelligent Security System) is to track the user in front of the sensor and detect when he goes out (to lock the computer for example).

You will discover how to develop such a program during this article.

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