Kids, Kinect, Cinder and some C++ too... Meet the Kinect Common Bridge


Today's post by Olivier Bloch and Adalberto Foresti is about something that I think is a win-win-win for everyone. It's about kids, the Kinect and Cinder (and C++ too). How is that not cool? Oh yeah, don't forget it's open source too...

MS Open Tech releases Kinect Common Bridge, a simple open source way for infusing the magic of Kinect in creative development

Want to control your 3D model animation with your body, Minority Report style? We’ve got you covered. Today, Microsoft Open Technologies released the open source project Kinect Common Bridge for Kinect for Windows.

Today at the Visual Studio Evolution 2013 event in Dusseldorf, Germany, Ben Lower from the Kinect for Windows team demonstrated the Kinect Common Bridge. The Microsoft Open Technologies Hub is releasing this open source project, making it simple to integrate Kinect scenarios and experiences in creative development. MS Open Tech has worked closely with open source communities such as openFrameworks (OF) and Cinder and the Kinect for Windows team to integrate the new Kinect Common Bridge in popular creative development libraries and toolkits.


OF and Cinder are broadly used by developers creating advanced graphic applications with 3D animations and deep dive interaction. What a better fit for creative applications than Kinect? Imagine interacting with your 3D models using your voice and hand or body gestures.

The Kinect for Windows SDK already allows to use the Kinect for Windows sensor in a C++, C# or Visual Basic application with advanced control on the Kinect data. In the recent release of their 1.8 SDK, Kinect for Windows further expanded access to Kinect by introducing an HTML5/JavaScript app model that allows Web developers to use Kinect in their web applications. The Kinect Common Bridge sits on top of the Kinect for Window SDK providing useful and powerful abstractions allowing developers to focus on creativity and building great apps.

The Kinect Common Bridge has been designed for and with creative developers, working closely with communities like Cinder and openFrameworks.


In his blog post, Stephen describes how to use the new Kinect Common Bridge block in Cinder and how he and the creative technology team at Wieden+Kennedy have developed and are already using it.


The Kinect for Windows and MS Open Tech teams are working closely with other open source communities who are interested in integrating Kinect scenarios and experiences in their projects. If you are interested in integrating Kinect Common Bridge in your own project, or if you want to participate in this new open source project, let’s meet on GitHub, and to learn more on development with Kinect, check out the Kinect for Windows dev center.

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