Play a driving game, like GTA (San Andreas), with your Kinect? Yep, and here's a download to help you do that...

Kinect tracking (KinDriver)

KinDriver is a dynamic Kinect tracker designed to be used with racing/driving games. We’ve seen Kinect trackers designed for the use w/ games already (talking of FAAST at this point), which may work nicely with ego-shooters or adventure games, but have a huge disadvantage when it comes to driving: They only know 1 or 0, just like the real keyboard. But while you can (an do) tip keys many times in a short period of time on your keyboard, doing so with you whole body is even more exhausting than you think!

So I made a tracker that essentially uses the incline between your hands and their distance to the rest of your body to repeatedly hit the right key for various durations:

You can define keys for acceleration/acceleration, left/right, handbrake an a special action (which is to press a key and then enable/disable tracking after 4 seconds –> hijacking in GTA..).

KinDriver has a Speech-Recognition feature too, so you can enable/disable tracking or execute the special-command. For the moment I will release the current KinDriver version which is designed for use with GTA (San Andreas). I will add extended SR features (meaning you can edit the commands), but I won’t promise any dates at this point.

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