Kinash uses the Kinect to turn walls into touchable surfaces


This inspirational video from Hönigsberg & Düvel Datentechnik GmbH provides an example of how the Kinect is being used in new and unique ways.

Kinash turns walls into touchable surfaces

With the workplace of the future in mind, Lars Keller and Karim El Jed started a little project that resulted in the “Kinash” prototype.

What is Kinash?
Kinash is a digital interactive dashboard. With just a data projector and Microsoft Kinect for Windows you can turn any wall into a touchable surface. “Kinash” has two modes: sketch and interactive. As the name implies, in the sketch mode you can sketch with your fingers and in the interactive mode you can draw complex controls such as an image or a video gallery.

How does it work?
Kinash uses the depth stream of the Kinect for hand detection and tracking. To control the mouse pointer the hand coordinates are translated to the corresponding position on the screen. To create interactive controls, an optical shape recognition algorithm is used. The combination of different shapes leads to different interactive controls (for example: Rectangle + Triangle = Video Control).

If you have any questions about Kinash, do not hesitate to contact us.

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