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We've all, well I have at least, conducted orchestras virtually (i.e. swung our arms and hands around pretending we knew what we were doing all the while "conducting"... Smiley

Now is our chance to kind of do it for real, using the power of the Kinect, the Kinect SDK for Windows and code from three very talented developers.


Kinductor puts you on the podium and in control of a full symphonic orchestra using just your hands and Kinect.

This project was created in under 24 hours during the Kinect Code Camp on June 15th, 2011 and demonstrated during the live Kinect for Windows SDK beta launch. The contributors were:

  • Joshua Blake, Jeff Garra, and Shani Jayant

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Today's post if via  Den by Default (aka Dennis Delimarsky), Kinect SDK – resources for developers)

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