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    Great idea!

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    I have a question about speech with kinect.
    Does the kinect speech recognition need training? Or it just uses the kinect as a microphone and the speech engine Windows7 provides?


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    @CristiR: Hi, there is no "training" involved.  You provide the Kinect the words (Choices in the above code) that it should recognize.  The Kinect does have a built-in microphone, so when you say a command to it and it finds a matching Choice for that command, it fires an event that you can then write more code against.  Additional speech libraries are necessary to download to get this to work as well; see the project page.

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    Great job on this it works really great I hope someday to learn as much as you. only problem I ran into was that if the music was playing the kinect would not recognize anything i said after I turned it down it would which made it kind of defeat the purpose because to change the song you can't just say it you have to go up to the computer and turn the music down but obviously getting as far as you did and making work so smoothly takes alot of skill mad rexpect and hopefully some one can think of an Idea of the problem i just mentioned. do you?

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    I also thought of this problem and when I created this video

    showing my own run through of this program I placed my headphones over my camera so that the Kinect could hear my commands.

    One solution would be to wear a headset so that the microphone is close to the mouth as opposed to placed near a speaker etc.

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