Kinect + Math Education + Source = Kinect Maths


Ray Chambers returns to the Gallery with another Kinect in Education project, including some source!

Kinect Maths–Early Stages / Source Code

You will remember a month or two back, that I started working on a Kinect Game. The idea of the game was to use more active gestures to answer questions in Mathematics lessons. To use the game, students will calibrate their custom movements for addition, subtractions, multiplication and division. Once they have answer the questions, It will give them a sound if correct. If they have got it incorrect then it will give the students an error noise.

I have decided to hide the operator so that the student must guess what symbol they should be using.

To use it, you must click on the drop down menu and then press the calibrate button. It will count down to 1 and then the student can start recording their movement. Each movement should be unique in it’s own way. For example, I wave my right hand for addition, left hand for subtraction, clap for multiplication and then move my arms up in the air for division. I have noticed that it doesn’t always give you the count down. If it stalls on 3 then start moving your arms and you will notice it start recording.

It has taken me a while to get most of it together but there are still a few bugs in it. I’m looking to add more features into the game such as scoring and timers in the corner. This is the early stages and it might help others who are trying to use custom (dynamic) gestures.

I have programmed it to store up to 4 gestures, however you can adjust it to include more.

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