Kinect + PC + Holographic Screen = Awesome (and VNTANA HOLLAGRAM)


Michael Cottuli has written up a cool article about a project that takes us one step toward our holodeck future...

VNTANA HOLLAGRAM melds Kinect, a PC, and holographic screen to bring augmented reality to marketing

Another day, another step closer to a cyberpunk-like world full of holograms and high-tech, flashy marketing strategies. With the invention of HOLLAGRAM, Augmented Reality company VNTANA has inched us closer to the science fiction fantasy that we’ve all been geeking out over since HoloLens was announced. Unlike most AR projects, however, this one doesn’t require the HoloLens in any capacity. HOLLAGRAM uses a Kinect v2 sensor to capture the likeness of a user and project them onto a holographic screen, letting them move around their hologram for all sorts of different things.

VNTANA showed off the project at an event hosted by...

Of course, the goal of HOLLAGRAM isn’t just for fun. There’s also some pretty solid marketing potential in this technology, and it’s gotten the attention of Pepsi and the Chinese drone manufacturer, DJI. After doing a session with HOLLAGRAM, users were sent an email with a GIF, photo, or video that chronicled their adventure in the world of augmented reality – something they could share with their friends via email or social media. According to the article, “Microsoft Azure powers this aspect of the HOLLAGRAM system, compiling and categorizing the data seamlessly in the cloud.”


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