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Since first using the Kinect on the 360, we've seen "buttons." Now Shai Raiten sharing one means of realizing them in your applications too.

Kinect – Create Buttons

In my previous posts about Kinect I’ve showed how to get started, how to change Angles and more cool stuff, but now it’s time to start working on the real things, how to enable Kinect to your environment, I’m talking about PC.

You may say Kinect is not yet perfect and the precision of the Skeleton Tracking system isn’t 100% accurate, and if you have to stand at least 1 meter from the screen how you will be able to see something from that distance? even more how to perform a Click? (Raise the other hand isn’t a good solution but checking the distance of the hand can help us to do that – I’ll show more later.)

Several posts ago I’ve talked about Masking in WPF and showed how to create WP7 The Mask Way– Rating Control and More, in this post I’ll use the same concept to Create Kinect Buttons that can fit for PC.

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    hey in c# I have to open wpf application, what showl I do when I want to make it on c++???

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