Kinect Common Bridge v2 Beta now available


With the coming release of the Kinect for Windows v2 device, which you can pre-order now, we should start seeing more of our favorite frameworks, utilities and tools being updated.

We've highlighted Kinect Common Bridge a couple times before, Kids, Kinect, Cinder and some C++ too... Meet the Kinect Common Bridge, A Bridge not to far... The Kinect Common Bridge get face tracking and voice recognition. Well it's now time to highlight it again with its new support for the Kinect for Windows v2 device...

Get Your Hands on the Kinect Common Bridge v2 Beta!

MS Open Tech first released the Kinect Common Bridge last fall to support creative developers looking to harness the capabilities of Microsoft Kinect. We updated this toolkit again earlier this year  to help developers integrate Kinect capabilities within their code.

The MS Open Tech Hub’s close coordination Kinect development cycles has made it possible for us to release the Kinect Common Bridge v2 beta today via GitHub. The primary focus of this new version release is to enable developers to quickly integrate the Kinect v2’s new sensor capabilities within a simplified set of C- based API’s. Kinect Common Bridge v2 complements the Kinect for Windows SDK v2, a set of resources designed to integrate Kinect scenarios into a variety of creative development libraries and toolkits.

Integrated Innovation of the Platform

We are also pleased to share that the innovation of the Kinect Common Bridge platform is inspiring others - notably framework creators like Cinder, openFrameworks  and Unity  – each of whom leverage Kinect Common Bridge to integrate Kinect support via KCB or the way KCB is working but also the Kinect team itself.

As a result, there are several new resources available for developers to integrate Kinect v2 sensor functionality into their code:

Please note that a separate version for WinRT will not be necessary. Since MS OpenTech has ported openFrameworks to Windows 8, we have also produced samples to use Kinect v2 within openFrameworks applications running on WinRT  check our sample repo here

Kinect v2: Building an Enhanced Sensory Experience

The Kinect for Windows v2 SDK brings the sensor’s new capabilities to life:

  • Window Store app development: ...
  • Unity Support: ...
  • Improved anatomical accuracy: ...
  • Simultaneous, multi-app support: ...
Getting Started

You can now pre-order your Kinect for Windows v2 sensor , and start using the SDK right away!

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