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Today Friend of the Gallery is back, today with a cool control you can use in your next Kinect for Windows WPF app.

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Kinect cursor for hand tracking


Navigating through a Natural User Interface using your palm is quite common – after all, it’s the primary navigation mechanism XBOX uses. Many Windows Kinect applications implement hand tracking for similar purposes. Today, I would like to share a Kinect hand cursor control I developed and you can use for your own apps. This hand cursor control will save you tons of time and you’ll be able to integrate it right into your existing WPF code!

Here is the final result of this handful user control:


Using the control in your project is fairly easy. Read on!


The code

OK, let’s type some quick code now.

Step 1: Download the project from GitHub

Download the source code and build it using Visual Studio. Locate the assembly named KinectControls.dll.

Step 2: Import the assembly to your project ...
Step 3: Import the assembly to your XAML code ...
Step 4: Move the cursor using C# ...



You are free to use the user control as you wish for your personal and commercial projects, just by making a simple attribution in your project or buying me a beer.

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