Kinect Depth Cam


Today's project is a precompiled binary that lets you use your Kinect as a standard video capture source, but also lets you play with the depth letting you move in front/behind bitmaps you "float" in the capture.

The screenshots below are me in my office (yes, I have a Lego Death Star II. That beast took me the whole Memorial Day weekend to build... What, you mean you don't have one in your home office?  Tongue Out ) and shows my hand moving behind and then in front of a bitmap of a duck.

Normally I only highlight projects that have their source available, but I thought this one was pretty cool...

Kinect Depth CamGeneric Episode Image

I've written a new version of KinectCam that makes extensive use of depth data and is fully configurable. You can position bitmaps at different depths, create masked areas and interpolate between depths to display depth data in the form of colours. As with KinectCam it appears as a capture device so the output can be used in Skype and other programs.

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