Kinect Education's nine excellent programming resources for Kinect

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Our closing Kinect Education Theme week post comes from, you guessed it, the awesome Kinect Education site! We started the week with a post to help you education yourself. Seems fitting to close out the week with something like that too. Kind of like two book-ends for the week...

9 Excellent Programming Resources for Kinect

Students, educators, and enthusiasts are creating amazing things with Microsoft’s Kinect for education. While new Kinect development resources are constantly emerging, here are 9 people-driven and digital resources that offer assistance for developing Kinect applications.

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    Thanks for sharing more details of this fantastic learning resource.

    P.S. Where's the Facebook "Like" button on Ch9 articles?

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    What a great wiki - so it's like a wiki of people who make Kinect programs. Are there any examples of the owner using them in his lessons? I can't find any.... 

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    Hi Geeks Math. I ran across your post today, and I think you have our intents mistaken. Let me explain the intent of the site and why it was started.

    I'm passionate about education and in finding ways to teach students in ways that they best learn, from the whole-person paradigm of learning. However, the understandable need for standardization can be at odds with teaching from this perspective. In my own class, I often have a traditional classroom model because of the need to target very specific standards. I knew what the research showed about active learning, but with our worksheet-heavy curriculum, it is very challenging to realistically teach learners the way they best learn. The workshops I attended that showed how to actively engage learners while addressing standards just had a superficial feel to them because the methods employed were hard to replicate in "real" learning environments. When I saw some of the Kinect developments emerging, I knew that the software would eventually be adapted to meet the standards we needed to address. The pressure would no longer be on the teacher to make it work.

    I saw a community gathering around this device and knew that we could leverage this to make big changes in education without really overhauling the education system. Too many people try to reform with words alone - emerging Kinect developments actually revealed the transformation. With its affordability, open development with the Kinect SDK, and its wide reach (fastest selling consumer electronics device), this will eventually reach schools and make big, practical changes.

    We're not there yet, but we'll get there. With KinectEducation, we're advocating for people to "join the movement" and aim to provide free resources, such as guides for development, relevant apps, guides for integration. One aspect of the mission also serves to make computer science courses relevant in schools by having students develop resources that other teachers can use. So, the "call to action" not only transforms traditional classroom models but also assists in keeping computer science courses a relevant component of school curricula.

    My passion is education and my background is in math, kinesiology, education, and educational leadership. If you want to take part in what we're doing, that'd be great. I'm sure you have many things that you could contribute. If there is some feeling of resentment for whatever reason, I understand. I think that would be unfortunate, though, as we could all do some really great things together.

    Conclusively, the site is more than just being about Kinect, as revealed in all blog posts since the beginning. It's about advocating for practical education reform that will eventually hit all schools.



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