Kinect Evolution code, video and GitHub K4W Doc's too


This past week the Kinect for Windows team sent out an email with some interesting items, some that I wanted to make sure you all heard about (if you didn't get the email...)

K4W Docs on GitHub!

As you probably know, our official developer docs live over on MSDN.  We’re making a change to enable much faster updates and take contributions from the community!

You can now get the latest docs over on GitHub.  We will be updating MSDN from this new repository.  If you have improvements or additions you’d like to see made to the docs you can now fork the repo, make the change, and then submit a pull request back to us.


Markdown documentation for Kinect for Windows

The documentation spans four sub-folders and multiple Markdown (.md) files. Sub-folders are as follows:


Each of these folders shows up as a folder on MSDN.

Project Information URL:

New Developer Sample Available:  Kinect Evolution


One of the apps we often use to demonstrate the capabilities of the Kinect sensor and platform is called “Kinect Evolution” (KE).  It’s been available for download from the Windows Store but the source code wasn’t previously available to download from the SDK Browser

We’re happy to announce the full source code for this application is now live in the SDK Browser!  To get the project files:

  1. Run the SDK Browser v2.0
  2. Scroll to the bottom to find Kinect Evolution-XAML
  3. Click “Install from Web” -> this will download a .zip containing all source code
  4. Unzip the code, run it, extend it, reuse it, love it J

In addition to being a great Kinect demo app, Kinect Evolution has reusable components that can be used in your other projects or applications.

BONUS:  We are sharing a video that walks through the Kinect Evolution code and shows you how to use it in your own applications.

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