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Today's program (binary only, no source) is one example of one dev's fun in playing around with the Kinect, Kinect for Windows SDK and NUI's.

Kinect – Waving your hands in front of your face like slartibartfast and pretending to be a mouse

I had been, in my spare time, ( ha ha ) been tinkering with a new app and like a lot of people have had to re-start that work. Earlier i posted an entry on updating the Hover Button example that Mike Crump had done. This time I’ll be showing you some stuff that took the ground work for some of those ideas and built upon it.

Despite the furore around the launch of the new SDK, there seems to be very little movement on practical applications for the device, unless you are trying to encourage your children to jump up and down two plus two times to win a star.

In the retail industry there has been some tinkering and the app that I have prototype as a proof of concept tries to build on that cross over between new technology and customer interaction where the customer can feel comfortable with its use and not look an idiot using it ! <img src='https://sec.ch9.ms/ecn/content/images/emoticons/emotion-1.gif?v=c9' alt='Smiley' />

The app that I am building involves the scenario of a ficticious digital image company that in its store allows the customer to browse an extensive range of online imagery and flick books of images.

The app has a number of functions built into it

  • A start up splash screen that appears when the app is idle and not tracking skeletons
  • A How to use screen which appears to the user when they approach the device and the Kinect picks up the customer.
  • A “home” screen where the customer can choose a number of actions to perform
    • Browse my company web site ( plug )
    • Select and browse images from an online catalog ( these ones are kindly provided by Flickr )
    • Take a snapshot of themselves to create a photo strip as one used to do in the old times in the photo booth
    • Browse a selection on discount offers which are presented in the form or scannable QR codes which the customer can then scan with a smart phone.


Project Information URL: http://brucemcmillank3.wordpress.com/2012/03/03/kinect-waving-your-hands-in-front-of-your-face-like-slartibartfast-and-pretending-to-be-a-mouse/

Project Download URL: Click through for it, as there's a few instructions on how to extract it in the post





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