Kinect Games v2.5 with the Kinect for Windows SDk v1.6


Today's project by Friend of the Gallery, David Renton, takes us back to his Games projects, which have been updated for the latest Kinect for Windows SDK v1.6.

Kinect Games v2.5 using Kinect SDK v1.6 including source code

This new release of Kinect Games fixes a couple of bugs from the last release which affected performance, the main thing being that I wasn’t correctly disposing of some unmanaged resources which slowed down the framerate. As well as fixing those bugs I have also used the new Kinect SDK v1.6 in this release which should also improve performance.

I have also added a new game to the installer called Kinect Pong, which is just a simple pong game which can be played 1 player against the computer or in 2 players mode. You simply use your right hand to control the bat; the game senses whether 1 or 2 players are standing in front of Kinect and automatically implements AI for the 2nd bat if only 1 person is playing.

There are a few keyboard controls for Kinect Pong:
F11 toggles full screen mode
UP and DOWN cursor keys move the Kinect camera angle up and down
SPACE BAR toggles the video feed on and off (turning it off will improve framerate on slow computers)
ENTER starts a new game when a game has ended
ESCAPE quits the game

Please click here to download the new all in one installer for Kinect Games version 2.5, the installer includes Kinect Angles, Kinect Time, Kinect Magic Cursor, Kinect Pong, .net 4.0 framework, XNA4 runtime and Kinect SDK v1.6.

Source Code
Click here to download Kinect Angles v2.5 source code
Click here to download Kinect Time v1.6 source code
Click here to download Kinect Pong v1.6 source code
Click here to download Kinect Magic Cursor v1.6 source code

You might notice in the Kinect Pong source code that I haven’t used classes much, that was because I was writing the Pong game for a structured programming unit I teach which doesn’t go into classes but only structures. I simply added the Kinect stuff into the game I wrote for that class, so that is why it doesn’t use classes much. I suppose if you are a beginner to XNA/Kinect programming this may make the code easier to follow, or not as the case may be

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