Kinect, I Moc you... with MocKinect


Today's CodePlex Week project isn't very visual, but might be one that will save your behi... um... well at least a save you from that constant stand, sit, stand, sit, wash, rinse, repeat cycle....


Get a Mock / Kinect simulator in your computer.

Feed up of standing up/seating/standing/seating every 5 minutes when you test your Kinect application.
Just record your best move and replay it when you want (even without a Kinect plugged in!)

MocKinect records RGB video stream and Depth camera stream from Kinect sensor.
MocKinect lets you playback recorded stream into your application.

To use MocKinect, you need to add a reference to MocKinect.dll and replace all calls to Microsoft Runtime class by KinectRuntimeProxy class.
Call SetMode(Record or Replay) based on your need.
At the moment, MocKinect works only with polling model (GetNextFrame)

Coming soon
MocKinect will record skeleton informations.
MocKinect will work with the event model (FrameReady)

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Runs with Beta2? Yes, in the latest source check-in



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