Kinect Kannon: Kinect-Augmented T-Shirt Cannon


Who doesn't love a cannon with Kinect for Windows v2 augmentation? You KNOW we love there here at Channel 9 and Coding4Fun, Coding4Fun Cannon – Project Overview, so seeing a Kinect powered one from Steven Edouard, well we couldn't pass it up!

Kinect Kannon: The World’s First Kinect-Augmented T-Shirt Cannon

The Kinect Kannon T-Shirt Cannon can track targets with its skeletal tracking thanks to Kinect. It can also respond to audible sounds and turn toward the louder side of a cheering crowd! You can also manually control the cannon with an XBOX Controller. Pull both triggers and the cannon will fire a T-Shirt at your target!

We managed to get this together with a couple Phidget USB interface boards, the Kinect SDK and the J2i XBOX controller wrapper. Using the Phidget boards we could move and fire the cannon.

The main parts are:

We took the Kinect and mounted on top of the cannon. Using the relay controller with a 12V line we were able to interface to the solenoid valve. With the relay switch closed it would apply the 12V power supply to the valve causing it to open and allow the CO2 air to the cannon, firing the T-shirt.

Skeletal tracking works by ...

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