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Today's inspirational project by Rosario Barbagallo provides a future glimpse of our robo-masters (Okay, not really, but it is a robot arm controlled with the Kinect, so kind of close? Wink

Kinect Kuka

I have  developed a software for the management of the movements kinect (sdk 1.5) – kuka R850 robot. It has been made ​​a kinect-kuka server c# (multithread) that generates input every 12ms.

The Kinect – kuka server  contains the programming of a network connection to the robot controller in the programming language C#.

The program generates a second process which communicates with the robot controller, independently of the data generates by the sensor Kinect because a data packet received by the external system must be answered within approx. 12 ms.

The System developed has:

  1. Robot Kuka R850
  2. Robot controller
  3. Teach pendant (KCP)
  4. Connecting cables
  5. Kinect sensor
  6. PC Server C# on Windows 7

Data exchange via Ethernet

Data exchange via Ethernet must be configured in the KRL program. The RSI object ST_ETHERNET is used for this. If signal processing is activated with ST_ETHERNET, the robot controller connects to the external system as a client.


How Works:

When the user raises his left hand and He says: “Record” , the system saves the starting position of the user.

If the user raises his left hand and he says “First or Second.. joint” the system selects the joint type, when the user lowers the left hand, he  can move  the right hand on y axes to move the robot.

If the user says “Traslation” or “Rotation” the user can move the right hand on x,y,z axes to move the robot .


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