Kinect Magic Cursor version 1.2, now with source...


Today we revisit David Renton's Kinect Magic Cursor project with a new version and now with source code...

Kinect Magic Cursor version 1.2 with source code

Kinect Magic Cursor allows you to use Kinect connected to a Windows 7 pc to control the windows mouse pointer and perform left clicks. Once you install the software you simply use your right hand to control the mouse pointer by standing in front of Kinect and moving your hand. To simulate a left mouse button click you just raise your left hand above your shoulder. It certainly could have plenty of uses, an interactive presentation projected onto a whiteboard or wall, which could then be controlled by a user standing in front of it controlling it with their arms is one use and I’m sure you can think of many other uses.

Release 1.2 comes with source code after I had a few requests after the last release.

Keyboard Controls to change application settings

ESC key Quits the application.
K key toggles between kinect and mouse control.
LEFT-ARROW & RIGHT-ARROW keys change the scale, which is basically how far you need to move your hand in each direction to move the pointer to the edge of the screen.
UP-ARROW & DOWN-ARROW keys allow you to adjust the angle of the Kinect camera.
SPACE key freezes the video feed into the application, which is useful if you are running on a slow PC.
S key starts the video feed again.

You will need a Windows7 PC, Kinect SDK v1.5 and XNA4 runtime installed and obviously a Kinect (XBOX360 Kinect or Windows Kinect).


Project Information URL:

Project Download URL: Kinect Magic Cursor 1.2 installer

Project Source URL: Kinect Magic Cursor version 1.2 with source code 
(Note: When I grabbed this, it ended up resolving to a Nuget package. If you have any problems accessing that package, you can also add a .zip to the file name and just unzip it...)


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