Kinect On-Demand with some Azure help


Today's project from Kinect MVP Tom Kerkhove provides a mash-up of a number of Azure services, one that I don't believe I've seen used with the Kinect before, the recently released Azure Media Services

Delivering Kinect On-Demand to a Store App with Azure Media Services & Notification Hubs – Introduction

In this post I will introduce you to an end-to-end scenario where a Kinect application is using a cloud backend.

I will also briefly introduce you to Microsoft Azure, the cloud platform of Microsoft, and what is has to offer in our scenario.

End-to-end Scenario

In this scenario we will develop a Kinect application that enables the user to record a video with a self-describing caption. All the viewers will be notified that there is a new video available so they can watch it on-demand.

Before I start with the tutorial, let me quickly introduce some of the services we will be using in this scenario.

Microsoft Azure Storage offers three types of storage Queues, Tables & Blobs.


Microsoft Azure Media Services enables you to upload, encode, package, secure and delivery media on-demand or live in the cloud.


Microsoft Azure Notification Hubs provide an easy-to-use infrastructure that enables you to send push notifications from any backend (in the cloud or on-premises) to any mobile platform.





In this post I gave a brief introduction Microsoft Azure what services we will use to build a robust application to deliver Kinect on-demand in a Store app

This scenario is a good example of ‘Kinecting the Cloud’, a term I like to use that ressembles combining Kinect with the cloud. There are a lot more scenarios that share the same terminology and this is only the beginning, more about this in the future.

In my next post we will dive in some code as I explain how we can implement this scenario & how I support new viewer clients in the future by using the cloud as a backend.

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