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Today's project provides an interesting means of exploring an panorama, 360 degree, picture, with Kinect...

Kinect Panorama Viewer

...As an intern at Balboa Park, I was asked to get a 3D panorama viewer for the Kinect working. We used the Open Exhibits one initially, but I found that its user interaction is very spotty and many people got lost and walked away shortly after approaching. Once the official Kinect SDK was released, I started searching for ways to use that for the much more robust skeletal tracking and voice commands.

This panorama viewer builds off of many of the samples and uses Direct 3D to present a panorama viewer that will start moving its camera based on what direction hold your hand once you raise it above your hip. The camera position can be reset to its zeroed state by saying "Restart", or "Reset". The initial panorama will be a digital picture of mountains, but you can see panoramas of the Point Loma Nazarene University baseball field or basketball court by saying, "Baseball field" or "Basketball court".

This program is mostly complete, but not entirely. As a beginning programmer when it comes to C# and the more advanced concepts this program has, there are many things that could be done better. One thing I know I am missing is a proper unitialize, and I'm not sure how to access that event given how the WinForm is generated for this program. Critiques and comments to help refine the code and make it more robust are very welcome. Critiques on code comments are also welcome, as the code needs to be heavily commented so interns and IT staff who follow up on this project and continue working on it after I leave in a week can easily understand it.

This is a Direct3D panorama viewer developed in Visual Studio C# Express using the official Microsoft Kinect SDK.

This program requires: Microsoft Windows 7 Microsoft Kinect for XBox 360 with the power adapter for PC. Microsoft Kinect SDK ( Microsoft Speech Runtime.

This viewer follows hand movements to direct the camera throughout a 3D panorama, the user's hand becomes active when raised above the corresponding hip, two hands raised stops movement. Verbal commands may be given to switch panoramas, currently "Baseball Field" and "Basketball Court" switch to the Point Loma Nazarene University baseball field and basketball court panoramas respectively, and the commands "Restart", or "Reset" return the camera back to its initial position.

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    Great job! I'm having some fun with this code, but I got a couple of errors, one in the recognition module (which I had to dissable to open the project and the second in the pano switching, it start ussing disk and can't browse around.
    Maybe it's because kinect's beta 2?


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