Kinect Programming Series via the Microsoft Pakistan Community Blog

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Muhamad Umer's post shows the global reach, appeal and interest in the Kinect, Kinect for Windows device and SDK.

If you're just getting started, or thinking of getting started, now's a great time to follow along...

Part 1 – Introduction to Microsoft Kinect

In this very first blog post of my Kinect programming series, I am going to talk about the fundamentals of Kinect sensor followed by other posts in which I’ll be discussing Kinect from a developer perspective.

In my spare time I like to develop & play with the Kinect. Kinect for Windows is a technology that is not very much adopted in my country, specifically Academia side.
Most people see it as a toy but I see it as opportunities for mankind, making our lives easier.
For example, doctors use it to help people that are disabled, make life more enjoyable for them and so on.

Building computer vision based applications had always been a difficult task for majority of application developers, since it requires lots of mathematics & similar algorithm information that researchers use in Computer vision, Signal processing and other fields of technology. Microsoft Kinect reduces a lot of development and hardware restriction that developers faces in past but still “What to do” & “How to do” purely depends on the developer.

You will see a lot of stuff on internet regarding Kinect integration with other systems (i.e. Arduino Platform) & using Kinect with other computer vision frameworks & libraries, I’ll try to discuss as much as possible in my future posts, but for now let’s get started to have basic understanding of Microsoft Kinect sensor.


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The Discussion

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    Surbhi Arora

    very brief and to the point post. (Y)
    I'd be looking forward for a tutorial on easy gesture recognition using Kinect.

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    i'am using kinect sdk 1.5,
    what about orientation , sdk give rotation and quternion,
    how can i find roll,pitch and yaw?

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    deca durabolin

    Many thanks for this tips I had been looking all Search engines to locate it!

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