Kinect Quiz, one teacher's story...


Today's story is from, Ray Chambers, who is teaching ICT at Lodge Park Technology College in Corby Northamptonshire. Inspired by the Kinect, he's using it to enhance the learning experience he provides.

And it looks like he's just having fun playing with all the Kinect can do too. Smiley

Ray, thanks for the shout-out and, more importantly, for giving back...

[My] First Kinect SDK Program Complete

A few months ago my school was nice enough to get me a Kinect. This was before the SDK had came out. I had found out how to use open source software to get the mouse control my screen instead of using the interactive whiteboard. I thought that this could be brilliant for teachers who were going from mobile to mobile! You could do simple quiz’s and the students will be enthralled by the technology.

Since the SDK has been released, I have been trying out lots of different things and my major breakthrough game today when I discovered a blog by Michael Crump. I would like to thank him because I was a little stumped at which direction to co in, until I read his page. He had been playing around the SDK and he made a resource to help people make buttons. This was the major problem I had. I could get it detect movement but not to click. This resource helped me get in the right direction and I was able to complete a full resource on databases which I intend to use in my classes.

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