Kinect Ripple, a Dual Projection Infotainment UI Framework


Today's project is a free solution, with source, from Microsoft that can and will serve as a great starting point for when you build your next innovative and immersive Kinect project...


Kinect Ripple is a dual projection based infotainment system that comes with fully customizable interactive floor and screen.

Kinect Ripple simple UI framework allows you to quickly add, edit and build integrated experiences on top of it. As the name suggests, ‘Kinect Ripple’ has the power to create new waves by integrating multiple, unique experiences in a single set-up through ‘gamification of knowledge’.

The system is portable with quick setup (msi), auto-calibration of hardware with software and SDK, and easy customization with Content Editor

Kinect Ripple Usage:

Kinect Ripple can be used to provide a more enhanced and engaging experience to the user. The power of this interactive & powerful framework can be used to implement multiple scenarios- interactive learning and education, discovery, gaming, etc.

Kinect Ripple can be used for one of the following purposes:

  • Engage
  • Interact
  • Entertain
  • Information Disseminate

To use Ripple you need Kinect for Windows.

Ripple also works with Kinect for Windows v2 , check Ripple-V2 directory for Ripple version that works with v2.

To setup and use Ripple Check Ripple Documentation.

To start developing apps on Ripple , check RippleSDK_With_Example.

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Project Download URL: [URL]

Project Source URL:

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