Kinect SDK Dynamic Time Warping (DTW) Gesture Recognition updated by the community for the Kinect SDK v1.5

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You've got to love the power of open source. The Kinect SDK Dynamic Time Warping (DTW) Gesture Recognition project which we highlighted here, Open source Kinect gesture recognition project, Kinect DTW, has languished a bit. While there's been some patches uploaded to update it to support the SDK v1, they are still pending. But since it's open source, others could take charge and do the updates.

Here's two examples of just that...

Gesture Maths

During the early stages of the Kinect SDK and the Beta stages, some people starting working with something called Dynamic Time Warping. The idea of this was to record your movement within 30 frames. – I used this website, however the problem I came up against was that the code was only available for BETA version’s of the Kinect. It left me wondering why no one had adjusted it to fit the new version. Having adjusted and played around with it a little, I figured out how to record the Gesture and output it to a text file. I am now in the early stages of developing a maths game that allows students to “FLAP” their arms to tell the program that they should be subtracting and the student can also “CIRCLE” their right arm to say that they are adding.


Download the DTW Kinect 1.5 file from here. You will need to import the reference file from your “Program Files/Microsoft SDK’s/Kinect/….” folder if you want to run it with the new SDK.

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Updates for Kinect DTW Gesture Recognition framework using new SDK 1.0

Hi All,

I updated the Kinect DTW Gesture Recogniton framework for the new SDK 1.0 and is working fine. As many of friends are using this framework and looking for updations, I'm just pasting the modified piece of codes.

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