Kinect SDK and F#

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Today's post is by a Friend of Coding 4 Fun, original coder extraordinaire, Dennis Delimarsky. Not only is he super active in the Kinect SDK dev space, but he's constantly blogging about Windows Phone 7 and F# (and I think he finds time to sleep every other week or so).

What if we mixed a couple of those things together? What would be one of the stranger mixes? Say the Kinect SDK and F#?

Kinect SDK and F# - a standard library in a non-standard language

F# is yet another programming language integrated in the .NET Framework that is probably a bit less popular than C#, C++ and VB.NET (all of them being a part of the platform). Nonetheless, it has a pretty solid userbase and it is using the same .NET capabilities as any other Microsoft managed programming language, the main difference being the fact that it implements the functional rather than object-oriented paradigm.

I decided to go ahead and learn more about this gem, and in the meantime do something useful. My main goal was to build some Kinect SDK templates for Visual Studio, but this also required me re-writing some fairly basic samples in a language I had no idea about.


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