Kinect Snorricam

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Brekel, which provides a number of commerical Kinect products, shared their work creating a snorricam;

A SnorriCam (also chestcam, bodymount camera, bodycam or bodymount) is a camera device used in filmmaking that is rigged to the body of the actor, facing the actor directly, so when they walk, they do not appear to move, but everything around them does. A SnorriCam presents a dynamic point of view from the actor's perspective, providing an unusual sense of vertigo for the viewer.

Seeing this, and how unusual it was, made it a must share...

Wearable Kinect aka Kinect Snorricam

The problem

Traditional Kinect based facial capture with the sensor on a table/tripod and the actor sitting limit the actor’s movements.

With the recent availability of close range sensors I decided to look into ways of attaching the sensor to the actor to increase the possible range of movement.

Option 1

A head mounted solution, which is pretty common in video based facial capture setups.

Unfortunately the minimum measuring distance of 40cm and weight of the current depth sensors result in too much momentum when the actor’s head moves to be practical, even when counter weighted.

Trust me I’ve tried

Option 2

Another solution could be a ‘snorricam‘ setup, which attaches the camera/sensor to the chest of the actor.

An added benefit of this setup is that neck/head motion stays visible which the Kinect based facial trackers can make use of.



Here are the results with my own Brekel Kinect Pro Face tracker and a Microsoft Kinect for Windows sensor:

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