Kinect Television - Putting the You in the TV...


Today's project by Tom Kerkhove provides a nice introduction and example of using the video from the Kinect in a cool way...

Tutorial – Kinect Television

Welcome to the very first Kinecting for Windows tutorial.


The goal of this application is to create a television where you are in the picture!
It starts with a static tv untill you plug your Kinect in & it is connected, that’s where you jump in.

You’ll be able to see yourself and change the angle or output type in the settings panel.

Last but least, when you disconnect your sensor it will go back to static and vice versa so that our application is more stable as well.

I wrote a post that introduces you to the SDK, I recommend you read it before you move on.

What you will learn
  • Connect a Kinect sensor
  • Enable Color-data
  • Show camera feed
  • Tilt the camera
  • Selecting camera output at runtime
  • Supporting different Kinect states

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