Kinect, Unity 3D and University of Central Florida's Interactive Systems & User Experience Lab brings us Kinect Football!


Today's Gallery entry comes to us via SAIC Faculty Fellow and assistant professor, Joseph J. LaViola Jr. He, Andrew DeVine and the Interactive Systems & User Experience Lab, are doing some very cool things with the Kinect and Kinect SDK. Once you watch this video you'll see what I mean.

In a word, wow

In three, I want that (and I'm not really a sports guy either... Wink

Kinect Football

A work in progress, this demo showcases a full-body natural user interface for a game of football. The goal of the project is to develop a realistic interface that fully immerses the player and allows control of every aspect of the game. Shown here is the mechanism for controlling the quarterback, including speech recognition for audible plays, navigation in the pocket, upper-body mapping, and passing to receivers.

Kinect SDK - Unity 3D Interface Plugin

If you want to create your own games using the Microsoft Kinect and the free Unity 3D game engine, download the dll plugin. Created for the Kinect Football project, this initial version supports joint position data for one player and is compatible with the latest versions of Unity and the Microsoft Kinect SDK. Check back for updates, as we will be adding more to the plugin... including speech recognition, two player mode, and video streaming!

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