Kinect for Neurosurgeons?

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While I've been trying to avoid inspirational posts, I thought this an interesting post as part of our mini-fusion series...

Kinect + Brain Scan = Augmented Reality for Neurosurgeons

With a little duct tape, a touch screen tablet, and their new Kinect API, the Microsoft Research Cambridge team built an augmented reality system to help brain surgeons visualize 3D brain scans. Kinect Fusion supplies 3D modeling of anything, which could fuel some seriously neat medical innovations. (The Cambridge team also built KinEtre, which lets you posses anything.) At the 13th annual Microsoft TechFest, Ben Glocker demoed a prototype system that would allow neurosurgeons to prepare for surgery by looking inside a patient's brain before they cut it open. Doctors could see the skeleton, brain, blood vessels, and the targeted tumor on a tablet—which they can move around the patient's head—helping them to plot the best brain surgery path.

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Found via: New Kinect Mod Lets You See Your Brain Inside Your Head, Redefines The Word ‘Creepy’ [VIDEO]

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