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Kinect for Silverlight 5

Today's project shows how even Silverlight can get into the Kinect game...

Kinect for Silverlight

In this project you will find a Silverlight 5 library for the Kinect. This is made possible by using the Silverlight P/Invoke feature which will call the native Kinect SDK v1.0 API. Along with this library, we also made an event system for the most common gestures.

Silverlight library


  • Skeleton stream

Work in progress:

  • Color stream
  • Depth stream



  • MoveRightHandDown
  • MoveRightHandUp
  • MoveRightHandNavigating
  • MoveRightHandStopNavigating
  • MoveLeftHandDown
  • MoveLeftHandUp
  • MoveLeftHandNavigating
  • MoveLeftHandStopNavigating
  • Scale
  • Rotate
  • Translate
  • Transform
  • OnPersonEntered
  • OnPersonLeft
  • RightNavigatingClick
  • LeftNavigatingClick


  • SwipeLeft
  • SwipeRight
  • SwipeUp
  • SwipeDown

Project Information URL: http://kinectforsilverlight.codeplex.com/

Project Download URL: http://kinectforsilverlight.codeplex.com/releases/view/87186

Project Source URL: http://kinectforsilverlight.codeplex.com/SourceControl/list/changesets

Note that the source is work in progress and might take a little hacking and playing with to get to run. But you can make it run and it does work... Here's a snap of the test app running on my notebook.

Here's its start up state (and the context menu visible so you can see that it's a Silverlight app)


With its gesture support working (i.e. me moving the circle around);


Here's a snap of the solution;


What did I have to do to get it to run? I had to set the Startup Project to the KinectTestApp, set its debug mode to Out Of Browser, comment and uncomment some lines in the TestApp (see snap below).


Finally here are some snaps of the included Class diagrams;





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  • Hello, I've a question. How can I get the Team Foundation Server User and Password??, When I try to open this project, it needs this User and password. Where I can register?? Thank you

  • Greg Duncangduncan411 It's amazing what a professional photographer can do...

    @glider:Just click on cancel... It's not required and just an artifact of the source being hosted on CodePlex in a TFS based repostiory. So click on Cancel and then Ok on the next dialog and you should be good

  • Using a Kinect sensor in SL5: just perfect! Imagine how many users you can reach with this?

  • this is normal

  • Hi Greg, I am looking for a sample project that demonstrates gesture recognition. I've tried various projects but it seems that many are outdated and use the old beta SDK. Do you have any advice for me or just pass me in the right direction? How can I make this work?

  • Greg Duncangduncan411 It's amazing what a professional photographer can do...

    @ComputerScience:If you can, hold on for a couple weeks... v1.5 of the SDK is coming and there's some "gesture love" in it...

  • BrianBrian

    Hi, i'm from argentina. I have a problem with this project when I debug this. The error says there are security problems with some external methods. Anyone knows how to fix it?

  • Greg Duncangduncan411 It's amazing what a professional photographer can do...

    @Brian: One thing to try is to make sure your Silverlight project is setup for Out-Of-Browser (OOB).

  • Antonio GarciaAntonio Garcia

    I have a question, where I can find more information about the dll, for example, how each movement works, for example, which performs the movement "RightNavigatingClick" movement doing, and what I have to do to activate it. Thanks

  • Greg Duncangduncan411 It's amazing what a professional photographer can do...

    @Antonio Garcia: The best bet would be to connect with the team via the project's CodePlex site, http://kinectforsilverlight.codeplex.com/. There's discussions, source, etc all there...

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