Kinect for Windows Developer Toolkit Update v1.5.1 Released


Last week the Kinect team released an update for the Kinect Developer Toolkit, v1.5.1. While it's a minor update, there's a number of improvements that I'm sure you'll want...

Kinect for Windows: Developer Toolkit Update (v1.5.1)

Back in May, we released the Kinect for Windows SDK/Runtime v1.5 in a modular manner, to make it easier to refresh parts of the Developer Toolkit (tools, components, and samples) without the need to update the SDK (driver, runtime, and basic compilation support).

Today, we have realized that vision with the Developer Toolkit update v1.5.1. This update boosts Kinect Studio performance and stability, improves face tracking, and introduces offline documentation support. If you have already installed the SDK, simply download the new v1.5.1 Developer Toolkit Update. If you are new to Kinect for Windows, you will want to download both Kinect for Windows SDK v1.5 and Developer Toolkit v1.5.1.

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Microsoft Kinect for Windows SDK and Toolkit – v1.5 Release Notes

Changes in Developer Toolkit 1.5.1

Known issues for SDK 1.5/Developer Toolkit 1.5.1 (June 2012)

  • We made the following performance and stability improvements to Kinect Studio 1.5.1:
    • Reduced CPU usage overhead.
    • Improved toolbar icons in Normal and High Contrast mode.
    • Eliminated distortion and flickering that occurred in the Color Viewer display during playback using some video cards.
    • Fixed hanging that occurred using AMD Radeon HD 5xxx series graphics cards.
    • Fixed crashing that occurred during playback of .xed files that were recently saved to a network share.
  • We made the following improvements to the Face Tracking feature:
    • The Microsoft.Kinect.Toolkit.FaceTracking project now automatically copies the appropriate native libraries to the output directory in a post-build step.
    • The FaceTracking3D-WPF sample now builds all configurations.
  • We made the following fixes to the Samples:
    • Audio Explorer – Fixed label captions that were clipped.
    • Avateering – Reference to Microsoft.Kinect.dll is no longer version-specific.
    • Kinect Explorer – Fixed crash that occurred in locales where “,” is used as the numeric separator.
    • Polished the user interface in some samples.
    • We made the following enhancements to the documentation
  • SDK documentation is now available offline. For details see Kinect for Windows SDK Offline Docs.
  • We tested SDK v1.5 and Toolkit v1.5.1 on top of Windows 8 Release Preview and found no new problems. Although that is not yet a supported production platform for Kinect for Windows, we continue to track well towards supporting it sometime after Windows 8 ships.

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