Kinect for Windows SDK v2 Public Preview updated (2.0.1409.10000)


This past week the Kinect for Windows v2 SDK was updated, v2.0.1409.10000, with this version getting the SDK, and your apps, ready for the final release and commercial deployment later this year...

Newly released: update to SDK 2.0 public preview

Today we released another update to the Kinect for Windows SDK 2.0 public preview. This release contains important product improvements that add up to a more stable and feature-rich product. This updated SDK lets you get serious about finalizing your applications for commercial deployment and, later this year, for availability in the Windows Store. Please install, enjoy, and let us know what you think.

The Kinect for Windows Team

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*Note: If you have a previous versions of the SDK installed(from a hackathon or Developer Preview), please uninstall that version before you install the new version. For your Unity Projects, but sure to remove the scripts and plug-ins from the previous plug-in from your existing projects to prevent calling the api's that may have changed.

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Project Download URL: Download the updated SDK 2.0 public preview

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