Kinect for Windows v2 Events Sample in C++


The last in our v2 week is a CodePlex project for you C++ junkies, who also have a Kinect for Windows v2 device...

Kinect 4 Windows v2 Events Sample in C++

This project is an example of how to listen for K4W v2 API events using C++. This project was built with VS.Net 2013 and K4Wv2 API alpha bits issued 11/2013.

This project is a simple example of how to listen for Kinect v2 API events using C++. This project was meant to be a tutorial of sorts to show how to write modern C++ code to listen for Kinect for windows v2 Frame arrived events.

This sample was built using the alpha Kinect v2 API library.

The sample is a win32 based project which utilizes a menu command to "Start" the Kinect v2 Sensor. The sensor is started and the infrared events are received and written out the output window. You can use Sysinternal DebugView to see the events as they arrive in real time.

This sample shows how to use a Message Loop based on the "gamers" loop design and the MsgWaitForMultipleObjects non-blocking parameters to listen for normal window events such as pain events, mouse clicks, menu-commands, as well as the Kinect v2 sensor events.

All code is written with the default Visual Studio 2013 C++ windows 32 project template, and C++11 modern libraries and conventions.

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