Kinect for Windows v2 SDK and Unity 3D


The Kinect for Windows SDK v2 is almost out, the SDK is just about ready for public beta and the excitement is really starting to grow. A number of developers, including many of you, have been coding your fingers off in the private alpha/developer preview program.

Until the curtains go up on the public beta, here's a tease on what's coming from our awesome community (yes, you guys). Today I'm highlighting a couple posts from the Unity 3D Armenia Site where Vardan Meliksetyan reached out to us about a couple recent posts on their new Kinect for Windows vv2 SDK and Unity 3D plugin...

KinectV2 + Unity3D Plugin July Update Testing

Microsoft post new update K4W V2 SDK June update, thanks Microsoft !

This is preliminary software and/or hardware and APIs are preliminary and subject to change – Microsoft Message

This SDK and Unity3D Plugin is private and for 500 developers all over the world, so other developers can only look this ))

I test it and make video so you can look that it work fine !

Project Information URL:

KinectV2 + Unity3D Plugin Hand Control Tutorial 1

Today I find a little time to make this tutorial( simple but useful ). I will show in this tutorial how to make hand control with Kinect V2 Unity3D Plugin.
This is preliminary software and/or hardware and APIs are preliminary and subject to change – Microsoft Message

I am waiting answer from Microsoft, then they let me I will show project and source in GitHub

[Click through for the rest and to see the code snips]

Project Information URL:

Contact Information:

The Discussion

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    Thanks for post Greg Duncan

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    Hi Greg!!
    When do you think we can have access to the Unity3D plugin?

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    @Emilio: Best bet would be to reach out to the authors directly. There's a bunch of links for them above...

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    Rob Burnside

    None of those links are working. I installed the SDK but can't find the Unity3D plugin package anywhere.

    Does it require Unity Pro? I hope not, this is supposed to be Indie friendly. So far I can't use / benefit from buying Kinect for Windows v2 in my game.

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    Can you point me to which links are not working? If they are on the original page (I'm just highlighting their work...) best bet would be to reach out to them directly...

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    Is there any option in the Kinect wrapper in Unity to detect the floor plane. Like "FloorClipPlane" in SDK?

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