Kinect for Windows v2 Transformer Game Project


Today's inspirational project is from Friend of the Gallery, Tango Chen,  who has gotten his hands on a Kinect for Windows v2 and has started to bend it to his will.

There's no source yet available, but still this shows off some of the cool things we're going to start seeing flowing in from our Kinect for Windows community...

Kinect v2 Transformers Game Project


Inspired by the movie Transformers 4, I decided to make a transformers-alike game.

Imagine that I can control the transformer and switch between robot and car, hit the enemies. That would be a lot of fun! So I do this.

I bought the 3D models on the web. It’s not one of the official Transformers though. (I will not be able to buy and use it if it is…)


By using Unity 4, all the work is done in 4 days.
To do it, what I needed to solve are:

  • Controlling the 3D model
  • Walk/Run/Turn left/Turn right detecting
  • Two-hands-above-head gesture to switch to car/robot
  • Animations of switching to car/robot
  • Driving gesture detecting
  • Spawn enemies(Helicopter/Car) and make them follow the target(Transformer robot)
  • Enemies exploding when hit. “Hit Targets” +1

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