Kinect gestures and Business Analyzer for Dynamics GP


Today's project doesn't have source yet available, but it show a pretty different way to use the Kinect SDK. We've seen games, music, funny stuff, etc, but what about a "real world" example? Something that's almost more "Minority Report" than other examples? Say, using the Kinect to control business data analysis...

Using Gestures with Business Analyzer for Dynamics GP

I was dying to program with Kinect. I didn’t want to move away from GP either, but I didn’t see the two fitting together. Making a journal entry with Kinect seemed like a very bad idea. Then, earlier this year, I saw Business Analyzer (Available with Dynamics GP 2010 R2), and how it let you add beautiful KPIs, Charts and Graphs to your personal dashboard. What if we let people navigate Business Analyzer with their gestures. That seemed like a good fit – and could be used in meetings!

Microsoft has done a great job with the Kinect SDK and the Kinect ToolBox. Using the two I was able to track 4 gestures, and then send commands to Business Analyzer to navigate through the reports.



I captured the following Gestures -

  1. Swipe to Right – Moves to next Graph in Business Analyzer
  2. Swipe to Left – Move back to previous Graph
  3. Expand Gesture – Zooms into a graph
  4. Contract Gesture – Zoom out

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