Kinect is on Tip of the Tongue, as in Tongue Tracking with the Kv2


Tango Chen has revisited his Kinect Tongue Tracking, Nothing tongue-in-cheek about this Kinect Tongue Detector and updated it for the Kinect for Windows v2.

Yes, I said Kinect Tongue Tracking...

Kv2 Tongue Tracking – Tip of Tongue Tracking with Kinect v2

I had been so busy recently. Finally got some time and done this work, tracking the tip of tongue with Kinect v2.

Here’s the steps to track tip of tongue with Kinect sensor.

  • Get the mouth area in the depth image by using face tracking.
  • Get the smallest depth(then it is closest to the Kinect sensor) inside the mouth area. That’s the depth part of the tongue’s tip!
  • Get the relative position according to the mouth area to know the tongue’s direction.
  • Show the tracking results when the mouth is open.

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