Kinect mousing with Kinecursor (and a plea for your help)


Tango Chen, Friend of the Gallery, needs your help (and so do I). I've been encouraging him to release the source for his projects and he needs your help in testing his Kinect powered mouse cursor before he releases his source, so...

Help me test Kinecursor, Please…

This decides whether I will share the source code of Kinecurosr with you.. 

I have sent Kinecursor to two guys and it’s weird that both of them said it didn’t work..
But it works perfectly on my PC..
Maybe just because they’re using Kinect for Windows and I’m using Kinect for Xbox..

So.. I do want to know more details..
You now can download the Demo of Kinect v1.0 (of course, for free..)
Please help me test it..

And simply leave a comment [On my site] to tell me:
1.Does it work for you?
2.Which Kinect sensor are you using, Kinect for Windows or Kinect for Xbox?
3.What version of Kinect SDK are you using? 1.0, 1.5, 1.6 or what?

For More Details(on how to use it) of Kinecursor please click Here to see the original post.

Project Information URL:

Project Download URL: Kinecursor v1.0 (7)

Contact Information:

NOTE: To help him out, please don't leave a comment here, instead leave them on his original post,

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