Kinect to Ballet...


Today's inspirational project continues to show and the Kinect, music and dance shines...

Kunstvolles Kinect: Wie ein Ballett mit Sensoren für bühnenreife Effekte sorgt [Artful Kinect: how a ballet with sensors ensures perfect effects]

Hundreds of dancers absolutely synchronous running across the stage, it's a never-ending endless stream of actors. No theater or dance hall of the world could take on so many people, but thanks to Kinect, the miraculous multiplication is not a problem. The Parisian Ballet Mr. & Mrs. dream relies on the Microsoft product in his performances. Together with the 3D-Experten of Dassault Systèmes and the Kinect sensor, stunning visual effects on the white box be conjured, so those white canvases, which serve as a projection screen on stage.

If umpteen copies, refined reflections or in-depth shade effects - using Kinect go multimedia performances perfectly across the stage. In a professional interaction of actors, graphics experts and event technicians something like a new art form was born. Because it is worth to go yet again often in theatre.

Posted by Barbara Steiger
Communications Manager development software and innovation

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