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Today's inspirational post is from the Kinect for Windows team provides a peek into the great stuff coming from China and the Image Cup and the amazing ways the Kinect is being used change the world, one gesture at a time...

Kinect-based student projects shine at China Imagine Cup

Microsoft’s Imagine Cup has become a global phenomenon. Since its inception in 2003, this technology competition for students has grown from about 1,000 annual participants to nearly half a million in 2014. Now the 2015 competition is underway, and projects that utilize Kinect for Windows are coming on strong, as can be seen in the results of the competitions in China. Of the 405 Imagine Cup projects that made it to the second round of the China National Competition, 46 (11 percent) used Kinect for Windows technology.


Ten of these Kinect-based projects made it through the national semifinals, comprising 20 percent of the 49 projects that moved on to the national finals, where they competed for prizes in the Innovation, World Citizenship, and Games categories, as well as for three prizes in a special Kinect-technology category. Six of the ten Kinect-enabled projects came away with prizes, including two First Prizes in the Innovation category and two Second Prizes in the World Citizenship category (the top prize in all categories was the Grand Prize). 

Watch a video overview of the national finals of the China Imagine Cup 2015 competition

The table below provides information about the winning projects (two of which share a similar name—Laputa—which is a reference to a popular Japanese anime film). As you can see, the Pmomo project earned both a First Prize in the Innovation category and an Excellence Prize in the Kinect for Windows special category.

Kinect projects that earned prizes in the China Imagine Cup National Finals


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