Kinect to EZ-Robots


Last week on the Coding4Fun Blog, the EZ-Robot and the fact that you can plug-in additional capabilities, like connecting to Microsoft Cognitive Services, Making your EZ-Robots Smart with Microsoft Cognitive Services.

Now if only there was an EZ-Robot Kinect plug-in... :)

Kinect Body Control

Control robot servos using your body and a Microsoft Kinect

This EZ-Builder plugin enables controlling servos of your robot by moving joints of your body, which are detected by a Microsoft Kinect. Servos can be assigned to each joint using the Settings window. Degrees to move the servos are automatically calculated for joints in relation to the connecting joint. For example, the wrist position in degrees is calculated in relationship to the elbow position. And the elbow position in degrees is calculated in relationship to the shoulder position. Each joint can be assigned to control servo positions between 1-180 degrees of your robot.




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