Kinect to Fingers, hands, pen and a mouse...

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    I am probably one of the biggest Xbox One fans on the planet, and I love Kinect on Xbox One.

    What really puzzles me, is how gestures on Xbox One at this point, are completely useless. I know this post is about Kinect Windows, but still, it's not that you can't do gestures on Xbox One, it's that the implementation involves pushing in and out to do things, even though that level of engagement is not even close to being a finished product.

    What they need to do on XOne is redesign the "gestures" to react to the large sweeping gestures that the device can currently react to accurately. How about reach forward with an open hand, close your hand, and then move your arm up and down to control volume? Please do something with Gestures on XOne, you guys are messing this one up, big time.

    Yes I know this comment does not belong on this forum, but sometimes the right people are listening here, when a meaningful comment like mine usually gets lost in the sea of "feedback" land.

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