Kinect to Gestures with Project Prague


Today's project was found via Mike Taulty recent Hands, Gestures and a Quick Trip to ‘Prague’ post (which you should go read too... go ahead... I'll wait...)

Project Prague

Project Prague is an SDK (software development kit) that allows you to create NUI (natural user interface) experiences based on hand gesture input. We provide a .NET API (application programming interface) enabling you to easily design and implement your own customized hand gestures and integrate them into your applications.+

The building blocks of a gesture are hand poses and hand motions. Using simple constraints specified in an intuitive language, we allow you to define any hand pose and any hand motion you like. You can string together a sequence of hand poses and hand motions to specify a gesture. Once your gesture is defined and registered with our runtime, we will notify you whenever we detect that your user has performed the gesture with their hand. At this point you can run the desired logic to respond to the detected gesture.+

Using Project Prague, you will enable your users to use hand gestures to intuitively control music and videos, bookmark and like web content, send an emoji on IM (instant messaging) applications, interact with a digital assistant, create and run PowerPoint slideshows, manipulate three-dimensional objects, play games using their hands alone, and much more.+

Getting started with Project Prague

Supported depth cameras

To run Project Prague on your machine, you must acquire a depth camera. We currently support the following brands:

Intel® RealSense™ SR300 camera
20-60 [cm]

Kinect for Windows v2
60-110 [cm]


Hardware and software requirements

Please make sure your system meets the following requirements before you proceed to set up Project Prague:


Setting up Project Prague on your machine

To get Project Prague running on your machine you will need to:



Understanding gestures in Project Prague

Before you start writing gestures, you should get familiar with the basic building blocks of a gesture - hand poses and hand motions.






Creating gestures in Project Prague

We will now give an example illustrating how to program a simple gesture using the Project Prague API.


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Project Source URL:

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