Kinect to HoloLens with Hololens-Kinect


Today's project from Michelle Ma is one that is being used as the base for a number of VERY cool projects, like Building a Telepresence App with HoloLens and Kinect (Which we'll highlight next week ;)


Unity scripts to send Kinect data to the Hololens. The kinect joints are displayed as spheres in front of the user.


These scripts are derived from the Hololens Sharing example in the HoloToolkit and the KinectView example from the Kinect Tool Unity Pro Packages.


In order to use these scripts, you must have:

In addition, you will need to download:

  • HoloToolkit - Make sure the Assets, External, and ProjectSettings folder are in your Unity Hololens-Sender and Hololens-Receiver Unity project.
  • Kinect Unity Pro Packages from Kinect Tools - Make sure the Kinect.2.0.XXXXXXXXXX Unity package is imported in your Hololens-Sender Unity Project - Read this post for a good tutorial on Unity 5 and Kinect 2 integration)

Here are some useful developer links to get started with the Hololens:


Before running/deploying either app, start the Sharing Session Manager from the HoloToolkit menu in Unity. Take note of the IP address for the Sharing objects in each app.


The Hololens-Sender Unity app is a program that reads in Kinect skeletal data and broadcasts it to other devices through the Sharing Session Manager. It can be run from the Unity editor and displays the resulting data.


Make sure you include the Kinect Unity Package and HoloToolkit in your new Unity project. See above instructions for setting those up. The scene should have 5 things in the hierarchy:



The Hololens-Receiver Unity app is a program that can be deployed on the Hololens that listens for messages about Kinect skeletal data and renders it to screen.


Make sure you include HoloToolkit in your new Unity project. Also make sure that Virtual Reality is enabled in your player settings, and that internetClient, internetClientServer, and privateNetworkClientServer are enabled in the checklist. The scene should have 5 things in the hierarchy:


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