Kinect to Mayhem


Have you heard of Mayhem (and here)?

"An open source application with a near-zero learning curve. Mayhem provides a collection of triggers events and reactions, allowing non-programmers to use their computers to automate… anything! What sort of things? Chase your cat off the couch automatically. Receive a text message when your physical mail arrives. Advance to the next slide in your presentation when you wave your hand. Update your Facebook status when the weather changes. The possibilities are endless...."

Now if only there was a Kinect module for Mayhem...

Kinect module for Mayhem

Add Motion capture to Mayhem with Kinect

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A couple things I had to do to get this to work for me...

First I downloaded and installed the Kinect Mayhem module, KinectModule.1.0.0.mayhem. You install it by double clicking on it (and this is all assuming you already have Mayhem itself installed).

What this does is create a C:\Program Files (x86)\Outercurve\Mayhem\KinectModule.1.0.0\lib\net40\ folder and copies some DLL's into it.

I then downloaded the source, fixed up a couple references via Nuget, compiled it and copied the ClassLibrary.dll from the bin folder to C:\Program Files (x86)\Outercurve\Mayhem\KinectModule.1.0.0\lib\net40\ (for what ever reason it wasn't there already, instead a copy of the defaultmodule.dll was there).

Now Mayhem had the expected Motion Detection event.



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