"Kinect to Midi"


Today's Kinect for Windows v1 project is that lets you make music with your movement. Can you just imagine the uses for this? And the best part is the source is available. So you can not only play with this, but see how it was done too.

Kinect to Midi


In general, this app receives Kinect data as input and sends MIDI signals as output. With using Kinect to Midi, you can build some collection of conditions and send MIDI signals if skeleton points’ coordinates correspond all these specified conditions.



Within a single block, you can add multiple conditions. Each condition can be one of two types:

· Skeleton point to coordinate

· Skeleton point to skeleton point

All coordinates are in meters.

With using skeleton point to coordinate condition type you can specify some cuboid and skeleton joint that coordinates are compared with the cuboid.


With skeleton point to skeleton point condition type, it is possible to compare two skeleton joints with some specified radius and second point’s center shift.



If all conditions in the block were met, specified MIDI signals are sent. Each of these signals can be one of two types:

· CC (Control Change)


· MIDI Note

By specifying event type, you can define when the signal should be sent:

· In – the signal will be sent right after all conditions in the block are met.

· Over – the signal will be sent each time when the program receives updated skeleton joints coordinates if these coordinates corresponds specified conditions.

· Out – signal will be sent if all conditions were met a moment ago but now they are not.


For minimum and maximum values of MIDI CC instead of constant values it’s possible to use some simple mathematical equations with using X, Y and Z coordinates of specified joint (for example: (2 + (X^10)*Y)/Z )

Other features

· Saving/loading all blocks and MIDI settings to/from a file.

· Possibility to specify MIDI port that should be used with Kinect to MIDI.

· Possibility to open Kinect depth/skeleton stream in separate window. Press Enter when the window is focused to switch it in the full screen mode and Esc key to return back.


  • Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1
  • Kinect for Windows
  • Kinect for Windows Runtime v1.8 or higher
  • .NET Framework 4.5

Project Information URL: https://kinecttomidi.codeplex.com/

Project Download URL: https://kinecttomidi.codeplex.com/releases/

Project Source URL: https://kinecttomidi.codeplex.com/SourceControl/latest

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